The South Bay Law Firm Law Blog highlights developing trends in bankruptcy law and practice. Our aim is to provide general commentary on this evolving practice specialty.

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      Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis Week Ending June 24, 2016
    Auto Draft
    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis Week Ending June 3, 2016
    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis Week Ending May 27, 2016

    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending March 11, 2016

    March 11th, 2016



    Number of Troubled Companies Nears 2009 Peak

    February Commercial Bankruptcy Filings Climb 32% Y/Y, Chapter 11 Filings Up 31%

    Case Administration

    Examiner reports on U.S. bankruptcies, their success and cost

    Texas-Based Debtor Stays Bound by Delaware Venue’s Gravity

    The Impact of Chapter 11 on ‘Corporate Democracy’

    Avoidance and Recovery

    Opinion in AES Thames – A Pro-Defendant Interpretation of the Ordinary Course of Business Defense

    Discharge and Dischargeability

    Supreme Court to Answer the Question: What is Fraud, Really?



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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending March 4, 2016

    March 4th, 2016
    The bitcoin logo

    The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    February 2016 Commercial Bankruptcy Filings Increase 32 Percent Over Last Year


    Bringing Certainty to Uncertainty: Estimation of Tort Claims

    Avoidance and Recovery

    Lack of Knowledge is No Defense: Seventh Circuit Strips Bank’s Lien on More than $300 Million in Assets

    Bankruptcy Estate

    Bitcoins Are Not Dollars in Bankruptcy Court

    Bitcoin Is “Property,” Rules California Judge in Pivotal Bitcoin Case

    Executory Contracts

    The Abolition of Dysfunctional Contracts in Bankruptcy Reorganizations


    Fifth Circuit Reverses Officer’s Release in Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan


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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending February 26, 2016

    February 26th, 2016


    Trends and Current Development

    2016 Lookback Period – Six Weeks (Part 3)

    The Year in Review: U.S. Bankruptcy and Restructuring Matters

    Going Up: Bankruptcy Code Dollar Amounts Will Increase On April 1, 2016

    Burr Alert: Official Bankruptcy Forms Get Extensive Facelift, But Is It Purely Cosmetic?


    Review of Cross-Border Cases in 2015: Eligibility for Relief Examined

    2016 Begins With a Renewed Focus on COMI in Chapter 15 Cases

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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending February 19, 2016

    February 19th, 2016

    Coins - 2


    The Altman Z-Score In Edward Altman’s Own Words

    Notable Plan Confirmations or Exits From Bankruptcy in 2015

    House Panel Approves Financial Institution Bankruptcy Act

    Recent Developments: 2016 Lookback Period – Six Weeks (Part 1)

    Recent Developments: 2016 Lookback Period – Six Weeks (Part 2)

    Insolvency Planning

    The Venture-Backed Company Running Out Of Cash: Fiduciary Duties And Wind Down Options


    The Role of Claims Trading in Bankruptcy

    Avoidance and Recovery

    Turning A Blind Eye Cost Lender Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars; Inquiry Notice Spoils Lender’s Good Faith Defense In Fraudulent Transfer Case



    Creditor Not an ‘Insider’; Can Vote on Ch. 11 Plan

    Ninth Circuit Issues Controversial Opinion Limiting Insider Status for Purposes of Voting on a Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization

    Extinguishment of Liens Through a Plan of Reorganization

    Of Interest: Bankruptcy Court Has Equitable Power to Award Postpetition Interest to Unsecured Creditors Under Cramdown Chapter 11 Plan

    California Bankruptcy Court Holds Debtor Cannot Argue Real Property Had Lower Value Than What Was Attributed to Debtor’s Schedules and Sworn Testimony


    In re Lyondell: Section 548 Avoidance Power Can Reach Foreign Transfers

    Perspective: How to Strategize a Cross-Border Asset Recovery Investigation


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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending February 12, 2016

    February 13th, 2016




    Houlihan Lokey Sees ‘Growing Pockets of Distress’ in Debt Market

    BAPCPA 10 Years Later: the Effectiveness and Necessity of Bankruptcy Reforms Remain In Question


    Opportunities Exist for Purchasers in Chapter 11 Bankruptcies, but Risks Remain


    In re Sentinel Management: Seventh Circuit Provides Guidance on Inquiry Notice and Equitable Subordination

    Don’t Go Chasing (Debtor-Affiliate) Waterfalls: Second Circuit Applies 510(b) Subordination to Contribution Claims Arising from the Securities of an Affiliate of a Debtor


    The Sixth Circuit’s Take on Artificial Impairment

    Ninth Circuit Narrowly Construes “Insiders” and, in Controversial Decision, Declines to Reverse Bankruptcy Appellate Panel

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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending February 5, 2016

    February 8th, 2016

    Houses and Money


    Managing the Preparation, Delivery and Review of the Disclosure Schedule in Section 363 Transaction Can Help Avoid a Shipwreck


    Subordination of Claims Under Bankruptcy §510(B)

    Bankruptcy Law News: Reclamation or Section 503(b)(9) Claim? – A Potential Trap

    Secured Claims

    In re Domistyle, Inc.: When Is a Section 506(c) Surcharge Appropriate?

    Avoidance and Recovery

    Fraudulent Transfers In Hypnotic Taxi


    Ninth Circuit Follows the Lead on Absolute Priority Rule

    Unsecured Creditor Wins Over Individual Ch. 11 Debtor


    Cross-Border Closing Opinions of U.S. Counsel

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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending January 22, 2016

    January 22nd, 2016



    Bankruptcies sink to lowest point since 2006

    Legislation and Rules

    Key Considerations for Bankruptcy Practitioners Regarding Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

    Automatic Stay

    What Creditors Need to Know – Two Recent Bankruptcy Rulings Affect Rights and Risks Regarding the Automatic Stay

    Executory Contracts

    Limited Liability Company Interests as Property of a Debtor’s Estate – Executory Agreements and the Conundrum of Section 365


    No Authorization? No Problem. Court Finds that Unauthorized Loan Is Entitled to Priority Status

    Discharge Injunction: Secured Claims Can Ride through Bankruptcy Without Regard to a Discharge

    Disclosing Claims-Trading Prices Would Hurt Debtors, Creditors

    Avoidance and Recovery

    Bankruptcy Court Tightens Intentional Fraudulent Transfer Pleading Requirements

    Extraterritorial Transactions – a Viable Way to “Take the Money and Run”?

    Lenders are Required to Investigate Suspicious Loan Transactions


    The Death of an LLC: What’s Trending in LLC Dissolution Law?


    Berau May Expand US Restructuring Options for Foreign Issuers

    How Wide is a Worldwide Stay? Bankruptcy Court Analyzes Scope of Foreign Court’s Stay Order

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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending January 15, 2016

    January 17th, 2016

    Financial Crisis Logo

    Trends and Legislation

    AACER: Pardon the Interruption. . .Bankruptcy Filings Resume Their Decline

    Bankruptcy Filings Declined 10 Percent in 2015

    2015 Bankruptcy Recap: 46% Increase Fueled By Oil & Gas/Mining Industry – Analysts Predict Further Uptick

    Examining Proposed Chapter 11 Reforms Through the Lens of Recent Retail Cases

    Post-Petition Operations

    Is a “Sound Business Purpose” Always Enough?


    Faced with a Belated Offer for the Debtor’s Assets, Bankruptcy Court Converts the Case to Chapter 7 to Allow a Trustee to Run the Sale Process

    Avoidance Actions


    Red Flag Warnings: Ignore Them At Your Peril

    UCC Financing Statements: The Ins and Outs of “Authorization”


    Claims Trading Warps the Bankruptcy System


    ‘Sketchy Activity’ Gets Bankruptcy Case Dismissed


    Regulations, Roadmaps and Recommendations: The Latest Developments in the Harmonisation of Global Insolvency Laws

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    Bankruptcy and Insolvency News and Analysis – Week Ending January 8, 2016

    January 9th, 2016


    Current Developments/Trends

    Commercial Bankruptcy: Selected 2015 Cases of Interest to Banking and Finance

    Bankruptcy Filings Drop 10% in 2015

    Restructuring Activity to Be Boosted By Flagging Commodities in 2016

    Energy, Retail, Healthcare and Education Facing the Most Distress, Says AlixPartners Restructuring Survey


    Court Sets Aside 21-Year Old Bankruptcy Sale for Fraud on the Court Despite Absence of Specific Allegations That Fraud Reduced the Sale Price!

    Sale of Substantially All of Debtor’s Assets Cannot Be Approved in a Final Cash Collateral Order

    Executory Contracts

    The Impact of Rejection on Trademark Licensees’ Rights in Bankruptcy: the Latest Decision on an Issue that Has Courts Divided

    Plan Confirmation

    Is Chapter 11 A Painless Solution For Guarantors?

    Zero Times Something is Still Zero: Adapting Till to Unsecured Creditors


    COMI and get it: international approaches to cross-border insolvencies


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    Happy Holidays

    December 26th, 2015


    Winter - 14

    Happy Holidays . . . from South Bay Law Firm.

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